Polyamory Pride Flag

Size: 3 X 5 Fts, Approximately 90 X 150 CM
Material: 100% Polyester
Weight: 85g Per Pc
Packing: 1 pc / Poly Bag

Product Details

Size:3 X 5 Fts,Approximately 90 X 150 CM,

Material:100% Polyester

Weight:85g Per Pc

Packing:1 pc / Poly Bag


Flag Color Is Bright,Vivid And UV fade resistant,eco friendly dye

By Silk Screen Printing Technology,High Temperature Fixation

International Color Fastness Level:4+ (Out Of 5)

Double Line stitching edges,Not Easy To Tear

Strong Header with 2 Brass Grommets.


Polyamory is the capability or desire to be in a relationship with more than one person at once. Polyamorous can be used both as a description of a relationship with more than two people and as description of people who desire such relationships. Polyamorous relationships can be romantic, sexual, or both; they may also be based on tertiary attraction such as queerplatonic relationships. Polyamory is not considered cheating, because all parties are aware of all other parties involved and consent to their involvement. Polyamory can be as simple as an open relationship or it can be three or more people who are all in a relationship with each other. Polyamorous is not a sexuality on its own, but more of a description on how one can experience attraction. Polyamorous people can have any sexuality.Polyamory can involve marriage but should not be confused with polygamy, the act of marrying multiple people, which is illegal in the U.S. and many other western countries.Ideally, polyamory/polyamorous is shortened to polyam, not poly (to avoid confusion with a shortening for Polynesian or polysexual). Polyamory should also not be confused with polysexuality.

The original polyamorous flag was designed by Jim Evans in 1995.The blue stripe stands for openness and honesty among all partners. The red stripe stands for love and passion. The black stripe represents solidarity with those who must hide their polyamorous relationships from the outside world. In the center is the Greek letter π (pi), which was originally chosen because the mathematical constant π is an irrational number with infinitely many decimal places, a play on polyamorous people "having infinite love". Another use of π was as a furtive shibboleth, a symbol whose meaning would not be understood by non-polyamorous people, to allow polyamorous people to recognize one other without risk of being outed or exposed about their non-traditional lifestyle.Over time, and coming to a head in summer 2020, the original flag came to be seen as undesirable by many in the polyamorous community.Their reasons included discordant colors, controversy surrounding Jim Evans, and the pi symbol and black stripe's symbolism. Jim Evans believed that polyamorous people should and will hide their relationships, which many in the polyam community argued makes it the opposite of a "pride" flag.Due to this dissatisfaction with the original flag, several alternatives were proposed.In many of these alternatives, the infinity heart has been a recurring symbol, much preferred over pi.Modern polyamory pride flag, made to be accessible and inclusive.Some flags closely follow the original, making alterations such as reducing the brightness or saturation of the colours to reduce eyestrain. A 2020 design by an artist known as Y.M. took requests from the polyamorous community to keep the well-known nature of the 1995 flag whilst making it more accessible and emblematic of the community. The flag maintains the original layout with altered colours, featuring three stripes in royal blue, deep red, and black. In the central stripe is the infinity heart symbol rendered in gold. Y.M. stated that they had been discussing with many polyamorous people about the issues of the original flag and rendered their concept digitally. They also stated that they felt strongly about the use of the infinity heart, making the flag's iconography unique to and representative of the community. Other elements of the flag include retaining the trust, passion, and solidarity with closeted polyamorous people of the original flag while distancing from the problematic nature of it. Other flags significantly deviate from the 1995 design. One example of such a flag is the pride flag made by Molly W. on August 11, 2020. The flag is comprised of four stripes, all of equal height. The colors of this flag include lime green for growth, kelly green for balance, sky blue for freedom, and royal blue for trust. The infinity heart represents the concept of infinite love. This flag is intended to be inclusive of all polyamorous people, including those who may have identities that intersect with polyamory. It includes those who are aro-spec, ace-spec, or allosexual. It also includes relationship anarchists, single polyamorous people, polyamorous people who are situationally monogamous, and those who practice solo polyamory.Another significantly variant polyamorous flag was coined by several polyamorous users on November 19th, 2020. The pink stands for dedication, the light red stands for romance and love, the dark red stands for passion, the orange stands for trust, the gold-ish yellow stands for loyalty, the bright yellow stands for inclusiveness, the shades of blue from darkest to lightest stand for freedom, compassion, anarchy of roles, dedication, self expression, and finally open-mindedness. The symbol is a knight, which is a symbol of passionate loyalty to your partners.




Advantage:Mixed Deisgns Available


Q.I wonder if you accept small order?

A:Yes, for common products,we have no MOQ,please contact with us to confirm the MOQ.


Q. When can I receive my products?

A: Sample order need 3-7 days .

 Mass production need 20-30 workdays .according to the QTY.

 Shipping: 1)3 -5 workdays by express

                   2)5 -7 workdays by air

                   3)20-30 workdays by sea


Q.Can you do OEM?

A:Yes, All OEM orders we could accept. Please send your artwork via"AI" or "PDF" file, we will prepare the real samples for your checking.

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