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African Petroleum Producers' Association Flag

Jun 21, 2017


About the organization 

(Association des Producteurs de Pétrole Africains, Associaçăo de Produtores de Petróleo Africanos; also an Arabic name).

The African Petroleum Producers' Association (APPA) is an intergovernmental organisation created in 1987 in Lagos, Nigeria, to serve as a platform for African petroleum producing countries to cooperate, collaborate, share knowledge and competences. It aims to promote common policy initiatives and projects in all facets of the petroleum industry with a view to maximising the developmental and welfare benefits accruable from petroleum exploitation activities in the Member Countries in particular and in Africa in general.

The flag

Its flag is white with its logo in the center of the flag. Proportion is 2:3.

The emblem is a blue drop bordered white fimbriated blue with an orange map of Africa in the blue field charged with the letters APPA (in a special shape, the A look like triangles). The first "P" is blue fimbriated yellow and a little blue, all the other letters are yellow fimbriated blue. On the white border of the drop, at the bottom appear the four Arabic character corresponding to APPA. These letters follow the same rule as above for the colors. All this appear in the middle of a white flag. Proportions unknown.