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Jun 09, 2017


About the Andean Community

The Andean Community is mainly a trade block formerly called the Andean Group (Grupo Andino, in Spanish) which saw light after the Andean Pact (Pacto Andino) or more formally the Cartagena Agreement (Acuerdo de Cartagena) was signed in 1969, in Cartagena (Colombia). The CAN (for its current abbreviation in Spanish) is a sub-regional organization endowed with an international legal status, which is made up of BoliviaColombiaEcuadorPeru and Venezuela (see note) and the bodies and institutions comprising the Andean Integration System (AIS), which is a series of bodies and institutions that work closely in pursuing the same objectives: to intensify Andean sub-regional integration, promote its external projection, and reinforce the actions connected with the process. 

The CAN deals with the following issues:
- Trade in Goods
- Trade in Services
- Customs Union
- Circulation of Persons
- Common Market
- Common Foreign Policy
- Border Development
- Social Agenda
- Sustainable Development
- Economic Policies