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Antwerp Shipping & Chartering Services NV Flag

Jul 24, 2017

[House flag of ASC]

House flag of ASC 

    Presentation of ASC

    Quoting the company's website (no longer online):

    Under the brand "Eurindia Lines", Antshipchart is operating now its own independent multipurpose service from the North Continent to the Arabian Gulf and India on a monthly basis. We operate modern, flexible multi-purpose tweendeck tonnage in size of min 17.500 ts dwt/23.000 cbm bale offering heavy lift facilities loading at Hamburg, Antwerp, Genoa for Dubai, Abu Dhabi Dammam and Mumbai.

    Goods chartered comprise steel, forest products, and fertilizer. ACS also act as a shipping agent, transports project (heavy lift) cargo, and agent for Belgian ports.

    House flag of ASC

    The house flag of ASC is shown, graphically, on the company's website as a blue flag, with in the centre a red symbol resembling a "Å", without the horizontal stem and the circle rather large.

    Former house flag of ASC

    ASC is presented in an advertisement of De Lloyd, supplementary thematic magazine Antwerp: The European solution for 1992, 14 September 1987, as general agents for Contemaris Line and RMS / Temaris Line. As could be expected, Antwerp is mentioned as base of operations.

    The company's house flag, offerred in April 2008 on German eBay (dimensions given as 15 cm x 25 cm), is divided per saltire red (top, bottom) and white (hoist, fly), with a white monogram "ASC" (black outline, the first letter larger, serifs, and some relief) in the centre. The right leg of the "A" is extended into a bowed line, eventually enclosing most of the monogram within an oval form.