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Arab Satellite Communications Organization Flag

Jul 05, 2017



The Arab Satellite Communications Organization (ARABSAT) is a leading communications satellite operator in the Arab World, headquartered in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It was established on 1976 by the member states of the Arab League with a defined goal of serving in telecommunication, information, culture and education sectors. Arabsat has operated the Arabsat GEO telecommunications system since its first satellite launch in 1985. ARABSAT owns and operates five satellites platforms at orbital positions. ARABSAT was created to deliver satellite-based, public and private telecommunications services to the Arab States, in accordance with International Standards. With more than 20 member countries, the organization plays a vital role of enhancing communications in the Arab World.

The Flag

It flag is white with its logo. It is a stylized globe indicating by blue and grey longitude and latitude lines. Under the globe, there is Arabic and and English name of the organization.