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Jul 12, 2017

Argentina Compania General de Navegacion S.A. house flag

About Argentina Compañía General de Navegación S.A.

Argentina Compañía General de Navegación Sociedad Anónima was owned by A. M. Delfino (Buenos Aires) and was closely connected to Hamburg Sud, Hamburg. Delfino was well-known for the organization of cruises and the sale of tickets, and this circumstance later on gave rise to a new activity as travel agents.

A "Sociedad Anónima" is actually a legal form of company, probably one where the owners/shareholders can not be forced to pay the company's debts (hence, from a legal standpoint being anonymous).

The "Argentina" company appears to have been established by Antonio M. Delfino (1853-1922), with the support of General Roca, President of the Republic, to operate scheduled lines between Buenos Aires and Patagonia. The line was inaugurated in 1901 by the SS "Comodoro Rivadavia". No profit was obtained until 1908.

From 1901 to 1922, the 11 ships operated by the company completed 564 journeys, transporting 151,762 passengers and 1,531,421 tons of freight. After the death of Delfino in 1922, the company was transformed into the "Antonio M. Delfino S.A. Marítima y Comercial" maritime agency.

"Sociedad Anónima" means "Limited liability company".