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Associated Steamships Pty Ltd Flag

Jul 13, 2017

[Associated Steamships Pty Ltd flag] 

Associated Steamships Pty. Ltd. was formed in 1863 by the merger of McIlwraith McEacharn Ltd. and The Adelaide Steamship Co. Ltd. interstate shipping interests operative 1 January 1964, becoming a management company in the 1970s and known as ASP and the forerunner of the current company of the name. The flag as shown by Marine News 7/1970 was yellow with a blue cross and in the canton a red lion rampant.

We concur with Neale Rosanoski’s observation about the house flag of Associated Steamships Company Limited. Recently the museum has received a flag that came from MV Kooringa, a container ship built at the State Dockyard Newcastle for Associated Steamships and launched in 1964 and possibly the first vessel built by the newly merged entity.