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Atlantic Marine Flag

Jul 21, 2017

Bernhard Schulte GmbH & Co KG – group of companies:
1st generation: 
Consul Johann Hermann Schulte (1847(?)-1920) and his friend Christoph Bruns were establishing a ship broker company, named Schulte & Bruns, in Papenburg in 1883, the predecessor of current Schulte group. Having different ideas about management the partners were separated in 1893 in a friendly way. Brun stayed in Papenburg, Schulte went to Emden. For the company S&B had had a good reputation, an agreement was made to keep the name for both companies but using different colours for the flags:
The company Schulte & Brun in Papenburg, owner Christoph Brun, had a yellow and blue flag since then.
The company Schulte & Brun in Emden, owner J.H. Schulte, had a green and red flag since then.
The company in Emden had twelve ships in 1912, transporting timber across the North Sea and Baltic Sea. In 1914 the first steamship was acquired. In 1917 the company opened a dockyard in Emden.
2nd generation:
Consul Heinrich Schulte (1876-1937) and Johann Schulte (1877-1938). Heinrich Schulte was mastering the troubles during inflation and economic crisis in 1923 successfully. In 1930 his company has 16 overseas ships and numerous inland ships.Branches in Rotterdam, Hamburg and Duisburg were established. The main business meanwhile was the transport of coal, iron and steel for the expanding mining companies. Since 1939 the company was under supervision of NS-government.
3rd generation:
Consul Bernhard Schulte (1907-1975) and Hans Heinrich Schulte (1909-). The company acquired three wrecks from allied occupation forces in 1945. In 1949 the first own ship was bought. In 1950 the company had already 16 overseas ships and 100 inland ships. During the next years Schulte und Bruns Emden became one of the leading shipping- and shipbuilding companies of Germany. In 1955 Consul Bernhard Schulte left the company, founding his own shipping company, named Bernhard Schulte GmbH.
The company expanded, pushed by Suez crisis, in 1956. In 1957 there were bought 13 new built ships.
4th generation:
Dr.Heinrich Udo Schulte (1935-) and Thomas Schulte(1939-). By overtaking the company in 1963 Dr.Heinrich Schulte was managing 14 overseas ships. His younger brother Thomas, who joined the company in 1967, built up an “inhouse chartering department”.
In 1968 the first gas tanker was used and the company began to expand slowly but continuously. In 1971 the Schultes were owner of the bigger part of the fleet they managed.
Due to high taxes in Germany the company began to transfer parts of the fleet in 1972 abroad and the Hanseatic Shipping Co., located in Limassol( Cyprus), was
In 1976 the Atlantic Marine Ltd., located in Hamilton(Bahamas), was established. The company was located in Hamilton (Bahamas). In the center of a white flag a blue disc interrupted by white wavy lines in a pattern like on top of a dune in the desert. It is the same disc like the disc upon the flag of another Schulte company, the Dorchester Maritime Ltd.