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Balmain Line of Steamers Flag

Jul 15, 2017

[Balmain Line of Steamers houseflag and funnel] 

Balmain Line of Steamers was operated by Andrew Sneddon of Wallsend as a passenger service between Sydney and Newcastle until selling out in 1904. A blue flag with a white panel bearing a blue "S" was used as shown by The Log of 5/1994.

"Balmain" 604 gross tons, 377 net. Lbd: 186' x 27'1" x 10'8". Steel  steamship built by Dobie & Co., Glasgow for W Howard Smith & Sons Ltd., Sydney. Held a compounded engine producing 85 horsepower, 2 single ended coal fired boilers, 90 psi as constructed by James Jack & Co., Liverpool. Designed with passenger carrying capacity, she serviced the Melbourne and Sydney run as well as travelling as far as Fremantle and Queensland on occasion. August 1892 sold to A Sneddon, Sydney, who utilised her as a collier with passenger accommodation, servicing Sydney - Newcastle. Sneddon embraced the title 'Balmain Line of Steamers' and offered reduced fares in enticing passengers. Sold October 1904 to B Einerson & Partner, who converted her into a hulk. Sold in 1906 to Scott Fell Shipping Co.,