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Balmain New Ferry Co. Ltd Flag

Jul 15, 2017

[Balmain New Ferry Co. Ltd. houseflag and funnel] 

Balmain New Ferry Co. Ltd. Sydney ferry company operating around the beginning of last century until taken over by Sydney Ferries Ltd. in 1917. From The Log 2/1987 a red flag with a narrow diagonal blue band from lower hoist to upper fly and the white letters "BN" [upper hoist] and "Co."

Year started: 1892 - Year ended: 1917.
Vessels: Lady Mary, Lady Napier, Millie, Lady Manning, Lady Hampden, Excelsior, Balmain, Waterview, Bald Rock, Lincoln, Me Mel, Lady Rawson, Lady Northcote, Pearl III, The New Era/Drummoyne, Iris, Daphne, Leichhardt, Lobelia, Birkenhead, Rose II, Shamrock, Lady Linda, Lady Carrington, Lady Chelsford, Lady Denman, Lady Edeline, Lady Scott, Lady Ferguson.

The company has remained famous for the case of "Roberston v The Balmain New Ferry Co. Ltd." (1904). Archibald Nugent Robertson is today remembered as "the dickhead who went to the Privy Council over a penny."