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Belgo-Iberian Maritime N.V. Flag

Jul 26, 2017

[House flag of Belgo-Iberian Maritime]

House flag of Belgo-Iberian Maritime 

    Presentation of Belgo-Iberian Maritime

    Belgo-Iberian Maritime is a shipping agent and broker based in Antwerp, founded in 1966. Its main activities are the following:

    • General booking agents for first class owners and operators

    • Ship agents, with full assistance in port agency activities to owners or charterers

    • Husbandry agents in the ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge

    • Worldwide dry cargo chartering and freight contracting, from coastal up to Panamax size

    • Project cargo and heavy lift chartering

    • Forwarding from and to the port of Antwerp

    House flag of Belgo-Iberian Maritime

    The house flag of Belgo-Iberian Maritime is swallow-tailed, horizontally divided red-white-red, with the white stripe larger than the red ones.