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Beltank Flag

Jul 26, 2017

[House flag of Beltank]

House flag of Beltank 

Presentation of Beltank

Beltank is an inland tanker chartering company specialized in transporting mineral oil and established at Antwerp. Quoting the company website (slightly edited):

Private barge owners are the basis on which our company is built. They are our [...] most important partners for our customer related services. We have a fleet of 18 ships with a capacity ranging from 1000 up to 3200 ton at our disposal.
Beltank was founded in 1997 by merger of Antwerp Chartering (the local branch of Rotterdam-based Nedlloyd) and Cisalpina (the local branch of Basle-based Alpina) plus the shipping interests of barge fleet owner Marcel Lepinoy. After one year Nedlloyd withdrew to concentrate on containers and by 2000, Cisalpina having withdrawn as well, M. Lepinoy had become sole owner.

House flag of Beltank

The logo of the company bears the name "Beltank" in serifed letters, at base coloured lavender changing into purple higher up. A red wave starts out to the left of the name, then sustains its first three letters. Behind the name appears a heavily stylized inland tanker (bow at right), with purple hull, lavender superstructure and a steering hut (or its roof, at least) coloured pink.

On the white house flag this logo neatly fills the horizontal middle third.