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Central American Bank for Economic Integration - CABEI Flag

Jun 09, 2017



Five Central American nations constituted the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) in 1960. It was founded with great vision focused on the promotion of integration and economic and social development in the region. Now, it is the largest financial institution in Central America, Its strategic axis are based on the fight against poverty, regional integration and the competitive insertion of Central America in the global economy.
Together, with the countries of Central America, Mexico, the Republic of China, Argentina, Colombia, and now Spain, the Bank works to support the transforming Central America into a prosperous and united region to pursue the vision of its founders.
The Bank has contributed to the transformation of Central America into a dynamic region during its 43 years of operation. It has promoted social programs, developing economic, social, education, and health related institutions in these countries. It has also been a promoter of regional integration and has brought support to the private sector, including the micro, small and medium sized enterprises.