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Central American Parliament Flag

Jun 10, 2017


The Flag

Here is a photo of the flag. 

Early this week (September 3-4) Mexico summoned the leaders of the Central-American Parliament, plus those from Belize and Panama. In the meeting room appeared the flag of the seven participant countries, in between them those of Mexico and of the Central American Parliament (CAP). The meeting was broadcasted by the cable-channel "Canal de Congreso". The CAP's flag is plain dark blue with the emblem in the center. The emblem consists of a white ring with five blue five-pointed stars in the upper hemi-circle and the body's name in capital letters also in blue on the lower one. On the ring, centered, six triangles, one in white and bigger than the others. The remainder five, aligned in the largest one's base, are blue. The triangles stands for volcanoes, geographic feature of Central-America. There are a Blue flag as hoisted jointly to the other during the Mexico's meeting, as well a Blue flag with gold fringe as appeared on the presidium table during the meeting.

Costa Rica and Belize are not not a members of the Central American Parliament. There are only 6 member states: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Dominican Republic.  Also there are 3 observant members: Puerto Rico, Mexico and Taiwan.

The letters on the flag must be black.

Central American Parlament change to 6 stars after the Dominican Republic was admited. See photos of the flag and coat of arms.