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Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine Flag

Jun 05, 2017

blob.pngThe Flag

The Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine (CCNR) in Strasbourg has a new flag.This flag is based on the new visual identity created for the bicentenary of the CCNR. "This is the result of joint consideration of the matter by the Heads of the Delegations of the CCNR’s five Member States (Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland) under the leadership of its Secretariat. Its new visual identity reflects the tasks of this unique and discreet organisation which holds the record as the world’s oldest international organisation still in existence."
"The new visual identity reflects the current dynamic of the organisation. Its central pictogram, an anchor, is a reference to its prime task of ensuring “the freedom of navigation on the Rhine” which its five Member States, symbolised by the stars following the shape of the anchor, undertook to uphold by signing the final Act of the Congress of Vienna in 1815."
"This new identity is the work of the Strasbourg communication agency Press Agrum."
This visual identity exists also as a flag, that replaces the old flag (light blue with four dark blue stripes and six yellow stars). It looks a bit more like the European flag.
This flag flies for several months now on the front of the Rhine Palace, Republic Square, in Strasbourg, where the CCNR is.