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Chaval Navegação Flag

Aug 08, 2017


According to E. C. Talbot-Booth, Merchant Ships 1949-1950 (New York: McGraw Hill and London: Sampson Low, 1949), Costeira was founded in 1891. Talbot-Booth shows the flag with a normal cross paty rather than the straight-edged one above. Flaggenbuch 1905 (1909 supplement) shows the cross as four isosceles triangles that don't quite meet in the middle.Joseph McMillan, 29 October 2002(Morar and Pará do rhyme in most Portuguese-Brazilian dialects.)This means "I boarded an Ita do Norte and came to settle in Rio: Farewell, my father, my mother; farewell, Belém of Pará." The latter is Belém city, capital of Pará, a Brazilian state. Belém, a common toponym in Portuguese speaking areas, is Portuguese for Bethlehem. Former Brazilian president Itamar Franco was named after one of these ships, for having being born aboard one of them--or so the legend