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Commonwealth of Independent States Flag

Jun 03, 2017

blob.pngMeaning and history of the flag

Already in the beginning of 1994, during a meeting of the CIS-states, a contest was announced to come for a flag and emblem for Community [Commonwealth — M.S.] of Independent States. Winner became the artist Alexander Wasiljewitsch Grigorjew from St. Petersburg. His proposal was brought into the meeting by the Secretary-General I. Korotttschen and on April 15, 1994 the council took over the designs with the words that it had to be discussed before comming official. However, although not official yet, the flag and emblem is already in use.
The flag and emblem are having a sky-blue background. The yellow (golden) circle in the centre (the grain, heart and the sun) symbolising the idea of Light, Warmth and Life. Around it a white symbol like an arcade, standing for cooperation, collective house, growing mighty trees, a cup holding Light and the warmth of the sun for humanity and giving it.
Meaning of the colours:

  • Sky-blue = peaceful sky, and spiritual sphere.

  • White = purity, prosperisty and

  • yellow (gold) for the light, warmth, life and eternal dignity.

Please note that Jiří Tenora gives "sky-blue", while the law text clearly states "dark blue" (although it should not be as dark as that since here "dark blue" stands for Russian "синий", which is normal, wide shade range "blue", while "sky-blue" is Russian "голубой").