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Condor Bunkering en Onyx N.V. Flag

Jul 28, 2017

[House flag of Condor]

House flag of Condor Bunkering 

Presentation of Condor Bunkering

Condor Bunkering en Onyx NV at Schoten (founded 1981), part of the Wiljo Energy Group (originated 1945) at Antwerp, is active on Belgian inland waterways including the Rhine. Among services rendered is the agency, in all Belgian ports, of Famm lube oils manufactured by Chevron-Texaco.

House flag of Condor Bunkering

The house flag of Condor Bunkering is shown, as a drawing, on the Vlootschouw website. It is a triangular flag, mostly yellow and bearing the image of a soaring condor in black; two black triangles are placed at the hoist, making the yellow field look like a wedge; under the condor is placed the word Condor in black letters.
The flag was confirmed by a sighting in Antwerp harbour docks in December 2006.