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Cotton goods types

Dec 30, 2016

First, plain cloth

Plain cloth is a plain weave fabric. Common used in weft or difference, weft is also very close, both sides will not be a significant difference. Therefore, plain cloth weft of strong and balanced, and because of the frequent interweaving, durable, fabric formation, but is less glossy, and lack of flexibility. According to the thickness of yarn can be divided into plain cloth, thick plain cloth, fine plain cloth.

Second, the lawn blended

Lawn blended is 60 ~100 Superfine combed cotton or polyester/cotton blended yarn woven plain weave fabric, thin texture, similar to woven fabrics in silk, hence the name. Fine cloth and clean the flat, lightweight silk fabric, but silk solid. Soft fine textiles, structure, and after mercerizing, luster and special soft, smooth, moisture breathable, comfortable.

Three, Poplin

Poplin cotton fabrics in high-grade products, weft yarn quality were excellent, including senior Poplin weft yarns are combed and combed Singeing. Poplin is a fine, plain or high density Jacquard fabric, silk style. Its most prominent feature is the fabric density is high, and conspiracy are weft twice times, obvious uniform positive particles, fine lines, exposed area much larger than the weft and warp. Twist yarn is greater than warp twist the cloth body is smooth, detailed texture, rich luster.