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Cotton washing and maintenance

Dec 30, 2016

1, strong alkali resistance of cotton fabric, not acid resistant, good resistance to high temperature, various detergents, but try not to use detergent, it is best to use SOAP or soap powder, SOAP paste. Wash polyester melt with warm water, cooled and then put the clothing in immersion. Not suitable for chlorine bleach;

2, colored clothes before washing, soaked in water for a few minutes, but it shouldn't be too long, so as not to damage to color.

Strong alkaline detergents available 3, white washing, bleaching;

4, underwear is not soaked with hot water, so as not to stain proteins in coagulation and glue on clothes, which have yellow spots.

5, knitwear is best not machine washable

6, different-colored cotton clothing should be washed separately;

7, do not use a washboard or brush roll brush.

8, when the rinse and hold "a few times" approach, where each rinse is not necessarily a lot of water but rinse several times. After each rinse should wring it out again for the second flush, to improve washing efficiency.