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CSR Limited/Colonial Sugar Refining Co. Ltd Flag

Jul 17, 2017

[ CSR/Colonial Sugar Refining Co. houseflag before 1993 ] 

Post 1993 flag
[ CSR houseflag after 1993 ] 

The Colonial Sugar Refining Co. Ltd. is located in Sydney. No doubt formed with British money it is still an undoubted true blue Aussie company formed in 1887 but dating back to 1855. The original flag was as shown as blue with a red triangle issuant from hoist throughout. In 1973 the name was changed to CSR Limited but it was not until 1993 that a change in the flag was noted with the addition of the white letters "CSR". The company continues to operate (company website) but its shipping activities ceased in 2007 [being taken over by the CSL Group of Canada] but prior to that CSR Shipping was involved in the operation of 3 ships, 2 of which carried gypsum from Gypsum Resources Australia's South Australian operations to the eastern Australian states and raw sugar and calcite from Queensland to southern Australian states on return voyages.

The two ships involved in the gypsum/sugar cartage were managed by Austocean Pty Ltd and were under their colours, until in 2004 the "Kowulka" changed its livery to that of its registered owner, Gypsum Resources Australia, which was a CSR subsidiary. The third ship carried cement for Australian Cement Holdings (ACH) in which CSR held 50% but that later became merged as Cement Australia with the ship wearing that company's colours.