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De Grave-Antverpia N.V.Flag

Jul 29, 2017

         [House flag of Antverpia]

House flags of De Grave and Antverpia 

Presentation of De Grave-Antverpia

De Grave-Antverpia ships about 10 million metric tonnes every year by owned and chartered vessels ranging between 2500 / 14000 tonnes (push navigation). Freighting and intra-harbour container shipping are additional activities.

House flag of De Grave-Antverpia

The company website shows the De Grave and Antverpia house flags flying jointly in front of the main office building and the same, as drawings.
De Grave's flag is red bearing a black sputnik (nickname) with four antennas in the hoist, three red ragged stripes to the right of the satellite suggesting trailing marks. The colours are those of the Belgian national flag.
Antverpia's flag is simply the Antwerp town flag bearing ANTVERPIA in black letters on the white stripe, which is horizontally edged red (1:3:1).