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European Southern Observatory Flag

Jun 06, 2017



European Southern Observatory (Observatoire europĂ©en austral in French) has been presented on FOTW-ws. 
An overview based on information provided by ESO:
The European Southern Observatory is the foremost intergovernmental astronomy organisation in Europe and the world's most productive astronomical observatory. ESO provides state-of-the-art research facilities to astronomers and is supported by its 15 member states: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany,Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. 
ESO's main mission is to provide state-of-the-art research facilities to astronomers and astrophysicists, allowing them to conduct front-line science in the best conditions. By building and operating a suite of the world's most powerful ground-based astronomical telescopes enabling important scientific discoveries, ESO offers numerous possibilities for technology spin-off and transfer, together with high technology contract opportunities and is a dramatic showcase for European industry.
Whilst the Headquarters are located in Garching near Munich, Germany, ESO operates, in addition to the Santiago Centre, three unique observing sites in Chile: La Silla, Paranal and Chajnantor.