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European Stork City Organisation (ESCO) Flag

Jun 06, 2017

blob.pngAbout the Organisation

Yesterday the city of Storkow was preparing for the 9th Annual ESCO conference 2009 (18.-21.IX.2009). Before the Town Hall of Storkow were waving the flag of Europe, Germany and the ESCO. In the meeting room were table flags on the tables. In addition to the table flag of the state (national flags) was a table flag with the emblem of the city

European Stork City Organisation (ESCO) is an international organisation, joining European towns and cities, which have a stork in their coat of arms. The organisation has the objective of building a close, permanent and active relationship among towns in Western und Eastern Europe. The ESCO founded 2001 in Staicele (Latvia).

Members of the ESCO are:

  •  Busk (Ukraine)

  • Demene (Latvia)

  • Komarovce (Slovakia)

  • Kongaz (Moldova/Gagauzia)

  • Luka nad Jihlavou (Czech Republic)

  • Ramygala (Lithuania)

  • Taujenai (Lithuania)

  • Staicele (Latvia)

  • Stolin (Belarus)

  • Storkow (Germany) (borough (Ortsteil) of Storkow