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F. Alexander Flag (Shipping company, Belgium)

Jul 24, 2017

[House flag of F. Alexander]

House flag of F. Alexander 

Presentation of F. Alexander

F. Alexander was based in Antwerp.
A manager turned shipowner (1891), Fran├žois Alexander had an 800 t coaster linking Antwerp and Middlesbrough (United Kingdom) and by 1919 had 4 ships under the company names of F. Alexander & Cie, Messageries Maritimes Belges, and Messageries Maritimes Anversoises. In 1921, the company name now being F. Alexander Fils & Cie, coastal shipping to and from Great Britain was still the going concern and a regular line, called Anglo Belgian Lines, linked Antwerp to various British ports. In 1930, all related firms were taken up into Armement Alexander. In 1954, the firm still had two coasters.

Now follows a list of related firms:
F. Alexander & Cie: 1891-1921
La Maritime Anversoise: 1901-1911
La Maritime Belge: 1901-1930
Messageries Maritimes Anversoises: 1916-1930
Messageries Maritimes Belges: 1916-1930
Cie Belge de Navigation S.S. Hendrik Conscience: 1927-1930
same, S.S. Leopold Dewael: 1925-1930
Armement Alexander S.A.: 1930-
Cornellie's Shipping & Co.: 1919-1926
De Cort & Verschueren: 1922-1924

House flag of F. Alexander

Brown's Flags and Funnels of British and Foreign Steamship Companies, 1926 shows the house flag of F. Alexander as diagonally divided red-white with a white "F" letter in the red triangle and a red "A" in the white triangle.
The aforementioned company's 1941 letterhead shows a house flag with somewhat thinner initials but, surely, this is not significant.