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Flag Day

Apr 01, 2017

flag day is a flag-related holiday, a day designated for flying a certain flag (such as a national flag) or a day set aside to celebrate a historical event such as a nation's adoption of its flag.

Flag days are usually codified in national statutes, however, in some countries a decree by the head of state can also order a flag day. The statute or decree may specify locations where flags are flown and how are they flown (for example, at full- or half-staff); alternatively, custom may prevail.

 AfghanistanAugust 19Independence day, 1919.
 AlbaniaNovember 28Independence day, 1443, then again, 1912.
 ArgentinaJune 20Flag Day. Anniversary of the death of Manuel Belgrano, who created the current flag.
 ArubaMarch 18Flag day. Adoption of the national flag on March 18, 1976.
 AustraliaSeptember 3Australian National Flag Day commemorates the first flying of the Australian National Flag in 1901.
 AzerbaijanNovember 9State Flag Day, was officially established on November 9, 2009,[2] for the commemoration of the adoption of the Flag of Azerbaijan on November 9, 1918.[3]
 ÅlandLast Sunday of AprilCommemorates adoption of the Åland flag. (April 24, 2016; April 30, 2017; April 29, 2018; April 28, 2019)
 BoliviaAugust 17Flag Day in Bolivia. Commemorates of the creation of the first national flag.
 BrazilNovember 19Flag Day in Brazil; adopted in 1889
February 15
National Flag of Canada Day commemorates adoption of the Canadian flag, Feb. 15, 1965.

 ColombiaJuly 20
August 7
Declaration of Independence (1810) (Celebrated as National Day); Battle of Boyaca (1819)
 CuraçaoJuly 2Dia di Bandera ("Day of the Flag"). Adoption of the national flag on 2 July 1984.
 DenmarkJune 15Valdemarsdag, the anniversary of King Valdemar's victory in the Battle of Lyndanisse (present day Tallinn, Estonia) in 1219, where according to legend, the Dannebrog fell from the sky. It is also the anniversary of the return of North Slesvig in 1920 to Denmark following the post-World War I plebiscite.
 EcuadorSeptember 26"Day of the National Flag" ("Dia de la Bandera Nacional"). Date when the tricolour was reinstated in 1860, two days
 EstoniaJune 4"Eesti lipu päev" (National Flag Day). Date when the Flag of Estonia was consecrated in 1884.[4]
 European UnionMay 9Europe Day commemorates the Schuman Declaration.
 FinlandMidsummer's Day"Suomen lipun päivä""Finlands flaggas dag" ("Day of Finland's flag") celebrated annually since 1934. There are also several other flag days in Finland. Celebrated on the Saturday in June 20–26 (June 25, 2016; June 24, 2017; June 23, 2018; June 22, 2019).
 Faroe IslandsApril 25The British occupation of the Faroe Islands during World War II led to the adoption of the Merkið that day in 1940.
 GeorgiaJanuary 14საქართველოს სახელმწიფო დროშის დღე (sak'art'velos sakhelmts'ip'o droshis dghe, "Day of the State Flag of Georgia"), (2004).[5]
 GreeceOctober 27"Ημέρα της σημαίας (imera tis simeas,"Day of the Flag")
 HaitiMay 18Commemorates the creation of Haiti's flag at the 1803 Arcahaye Conference.
 HondurasSeptember 1Commemorates the introducing of their first leader on Lake Yojoa.
 HungaryMarch 16The day after the 1848 revolution in Pest-Buda.
 IndiaDecember 7Armed Forces Flag Day honours the soldiers, airmen and sailors of India. The Armed Forces Flag Day or the Flag Day of India is a day dedicated towards collection of funds from people of India for the welfare of the Indian Armed Forces personnel. It has been observed annually in India on December 7 since 1949. Over the years, it has become a tradition to commemorate this day as an honour to the soldiers, airmen and sailors of India.
 IrelandApril 24The 'Easter Rising Commemoration' (Comóradh Éirí Amach na Cásca) commemorates the beginning of the Easter Rising of 1916. An army parade on O'Connell Street in Dublin is attended by the President of Ireland, the Taoiseach and other government ministers. The Irish 'tricolour' was adopted by the rebels of 1916.
 ItalyJanuary 7Festa del tricolore ("Festival of the Tricolour") commemorates adoption of the Italian flag in 1797.
 KurdistanDecember 17Kurdish flag day is an unofficial holiday associated with the Kurdish independence movement.
 LiberiaAugust 24Flag day The holiday was first observed in an 1847 convention, when the founding fathers approved the flag's design along with establishing the new republic.[6]
 LithuaniaJanuary 1Vėliavos diena ("Flag's day") commemorates raising of the Lithuanian flag on Gediminas' Tower in 1919.
 MacedoniaEvery 1st and 15th day of each month.Ден на македонското знаме (Den na makedonskoto zname, "Day of the Macedonian Flag"). Every 1st and 15th day of each month, the flag is changed in special ceremony. This celebrates the adoption of the flag.[7]
 MexicoFebruary 24

 MoldovaApril 27

 NorwayMay 17Celebration of the Norwegian Constitution, signed on 17 May 1814. Now the national day of Norway.
 PakistanAugust 11The National Assembly adopted the country's flag on this day.
 PanamaNovember 4An annual public holiday in Panama that forms a bridge holiday between Separation Day and Colon Day.
 ParaguayMay 14The real date of the independence of Paraguay from Spain in 1811. Celebration continues the next main day, Independence Day.
 PeruJune 7Commemorates the anniversary of the Battle of Arica and the sacrifice of Alfonso Ugarte.
 PhilippinesMay 28Araw ng Watawat ("Flag Day"), the anniversary of the 1898 Battle of Alapan where the flag was first used. Display of the flag in all places until Independence Day is encouraged, provided it follows Republic Act 8491.[8]
 PolandMay 2A holiday introduced in 2004, a day between the feasts of the 1st and 3rd May.
 PortugalDecember 1A holiday introduced in 1910, it commemorates raising the flag on Restauradores Square on the anniversary of Restoration of Independence.
 RomaniaJune 26A holiday introduced in 1998, it celebrates Decree No. 1 of the Wallachian Provisional Government, which made the blue-yellow-red tricolour the national flag.
 RussiaAugust 22Commemorates raising of the present flag over the Russian Supreme Soviet building after a 1991 coup attempt.
 SloveniaApril 7Commemorates the anniversary of the first raising of the national flag in 1848 at Wolfova Street 8, Ljubljana.
 SwedenJune 6Svenska flaggans dag ("Day of the Swedish Flag"), observed since the late 19th century. Also the National Day of Swedensince 1983.
 Sri LankaFebruary 4Independence Day ("National Day of the Sri Lanka Flag"), The independence day of Sri Lanka is a great national occasion celebrated with parades and pageants combined with the spirit of patriotism and national pride. National Day of Sri Lankasince 1948.
 TurkmenistanFebruary 19Commemorates the adoption of the nation's first flag after gaining independence from the Soviet Union.
 UkraineAugust 23День Державного прапора (Den Derzhavnoho prapora, "National Flag Day") commemorates the adoption of the Ukrainian flag; observed since 2004.[9]
 UAENovember 3Flag Day is celebrated on the day Sheikh Khalifa became President in 2004. It also commemorates the founders of the state, Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid. The UAE flag was adopted in a different day on December 2, 1971.
 United Kingdom
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  • St. George's Day

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  • St. David's Day

  • St. Patrick's Day

 United StatesJune 14Flag Day Commemorates adoption of the U.S. flag on June 14, 1777.
 VietnamMarch 11Flag Day Independence day (Day of the National Flag), 1945.[10]
 VenezuelaAugust 3Commemorates the first raising of the flag by Francisco de Miranda in Venezuelan soil, 1806. Formerly on March 12.