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Flag for International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO)

May 16, 2017


About ITSO

At the top most band on each page of our website are the colors and logo on our flag. 

Executive Assistant to the Director General & CEO, ITSO,



Here is the logo of Intelsat which was used on a flag until 2001. They did not tell me the date of adoption of this logo, but I was told it WAS used as a flag, with the logo as shown above centered on a white flag. It should be noted that this is the flag of Intelsat as an International organization, before 2001. Intelsat today, as a private company has its own flag which is its logo now

The INTELSAT logo displayed above - a green or turquoise colored satellite dish was adopted after Intelsat's move from L'Enfant Plaza to the new Headquarters on Connecticut Ave in 1985. It was adopted ca. 1985-1986 at the direction of then Director General Richard Colino.