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Flag of Interkosmos (1978-1988)

May 28, 2017



The Interkosmos program of cooperation in space was decided by treaty on July, 13 1976. The space program was part of the work of the Council of Mutual Economic Cooperation (COMECOM). The Interkosmos space program finish with the dissolution of COMECOM on 1990.

About the flag

Flag of Interkosmos space program (USSR and socialist countries, 1970ths-1980ths): white field with logo. Andreas Herzfeld told me he saw these flags in German Democratic Republic (DDR) in 1970ths.

The official logo had a cyrillic inscription of "INTERKOSMOS".

Variants in several languages

Considering all missions and the main/official languages of the participant countries there were six possible designs. I wonder which more of these were actually created and used on flags.

In East Germany was practice, that foreign inscription were translated. The German version of the INTERKOSMOS-flag was hoisted at the return parade of the first German kosmonaut (astronaut) Siegmund Jähn on October, 4 1978. (The flag of the mutual german and soviet space mission Sojus 31 / Союз 31 was also hoisted next to the INTERKOSMOS-flag during the return parade in East Berlin.)

The INTERKOSMOS flags in the German Democratic Republic were only political promotion material. The cloths know Andreas Herzfeld from Leipzig and I from Berlin. However, the flags were never official.

The logo existed in german, russian and hungarian variants. But I’m not sure about flags.

Mission: СоюзLanguageInscription on logo/flagUse
SU flag (all: 1978-1988)RussianИНТЕРКОСМОСlogo and flag official
MN flag 39 (1981)Mongolian
BG flag TM-5 (1988)Bulgarian
CS flag 28 (1978)CzechINTERKOSMOSlogo and flag used
in East Germany
PL flag 30 (1978)Polish
DD flag 31 (1978)German
HU flag 36 (1980)HungarianINTERKOZMOSZlogo used in Hungary
VN flag 37 (1980)VietnameseINTERCOSMOSlogo and flag use
CU flag 38 (1980)Spanish
RO flag 40 (1981)Romanian
FR flag T-6 (1982)French
IN flag T-11 (1984)Hindiइंटरकॉंसमॉस
SY flag TM-3 (1987)Arabicينتركوسمس
(spelling unsure!)
AF flag TM-6 (1988)Pashto