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Flag of the European Parliament

Apr 08, 2017

Flag of the European Parliament

[Former flag of the European Parliament]

Flag of the European Parliament, 1973-1986

According to Göldner, a flag with the yellow letters "EP" and "PE" surrounded by a yellow wreath, all on a blue background, was used from 1973 by the European Parliament, although never officially adopted. I do not know until when this flag was used, but probably after the official introduction of the "European Flag" in 1986 it went out of use.

An old photo of this flag is shown in the little brochure Europa - eine Aufgabe für alle, edited by Europa-Union Bayern, 1980.
I have found only a few images of the flag or emblem on the Internet:
- two British first day covers commemorating the first direct elections to the European Parliament in 1979
- a black and white photo of the President of the Parliament Emilio Colombo (1977-1979) with the flag.