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Flag of the SNTM

Jul 12, 2017

Société Nationale de Transports Maritimes

[Flag of SNTM]

Flag of the SNTM - Image by Ivan Sache, 1 December 2003

The SNTM is the national shipping company in Algeria, founded after the independence of the country. The houseflag of the SNTM is horizontally divided green-white with a red stylized anchor in the middle.

Brown 1982  and 1995  shows the flag under Compagnie Nationale Algérienne de Navigation which was operating in the mid 1960s as the state owned shipping company. According to Lloyds it was divided on 1 November 1982 into Société Nationale de Transport Maritime & Compagnie Nationale de Navigation Maritime (SNTM/CNAN) and what is nowHyproc Shipping Company S.p.A..