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Flags Used in Karting

Apr 01, 2017


Used when the semaphores malfunction - the flag of the organizing club.

False Start

[karting flag - false start] 

Green with a yellow chevron.

End of race or training

[karting flag - end of race or training] 

Chequey in black and white

Race stop

[karting flag - race stop] 

A red flag

Overlapping (fixed or waving)

[karting flag - overlapping] 

Blue flag, fixed or waving.

Pit stop for overlapped pilot

[karting flag - pit stop for overlapped pilot] 

Blue with red saltire. Shown with a number.

Slow Vehicle on Track

[karting flag - slow vehicle on track] 

A white flag.

Non-sporting driving

[karting flag - Non-sporting driving] 

Diagonal bicolor, white over black. Shown with a number.

Stop for driver

[karting flag - stop for driver] 

Black. Shown with a number.

Mechanical problem

[karting flag - mechanical problem] 

Black with a red centered disc. shown with a number.

Lack of adherence

[karting flag - lack of adherence] 

Seven yellow and red vertical stripes.


[karting flag - danger] 

Yellow flag.

End of danger

[karting flag - end of danger]