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Flagship Charters Flag

Jul 17, 2017

[Flagship Charters flag] 

Flagship Charters, founded in 1982 in Sydney, are specialized in luxury cruises in Sydney Harbour, the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef regions of Queensland. The company owns some 30 ships, suitable for 1-4 ("La Dolce Vita") to 80-475 ("Lady Rose") passengers.

The houseflag of Flagship Charters is diagonally divided blue-red with a white diamond, not touching the borders of the flag and charged with a black Italic F. It is shown on a photograph on the company website presenting the wedding packages proposed by the company.

Flagship Charters. They operate two websites and the second,gives the official name as Flagship
Cruises Pty Ltd. and shows a slightly different version of the logo with the diamond touching the top and bottom edges though as the sides of the diamond do not properly align with the field division the chances are that it is all immaterial and there is no actual flag. Though if there is one I doubt that the letter is italic as the spine is angled in line with the image edges. The company arranges charters for the various vessel owners according to its site – just a booking centre in effect.