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Former flag

May 23, 2017


Adopted at the first General Assembly on 11 February 1991. Replaced by current flag in 2005. The ring of colors of the original flag was simplified and 'UNPO' was added to the flag. Therefore, since June 2005 the official UNPO flag is the one with the UNPO symbol. The original flag had a ring of colors to represent the 'colorful world'.

List of organizations involved in UNPO

UNPO Director-General is Karl von Habsburg, appointed in January 2002. UNPO is located in The Hague (The Netherlands).

The members of UNPO with a link to an individual page for each member. 

I am describing these flags, following the UNPO members' list. In my comments, "similar" means that the flags shown on UNPO website and ours are the same, whereas identicalmeans that the images shown on UNPO website and ours are the same.

  1. Abkhazia 

  2. Aboriginals of Australia 

  3. Aceh/Sumatra 

  4. Albanians in Macedonia - National Albanian flag

  5. Assyria 

  6. Bashkortostan

  7. Batwa (Rwanda) 

  8. Bougainville 

  9. Buryatia 

  10. Cabinda

  11. Chechen Republic Ichkeria 

  12. Chin State 

  13. Chittagong Hill Tracts 

  14. Chuvash 

  15. Circassia 

  16. Cordillera (Phillippines)

  17. Crimea 

  18. East Timor 

  19. East Turkestan 

  20. Gagauzia 

  21. Greek Minority in Albania

  22. Hungarian Minority in Romania 

  23. Ingushetia 

  24. Inkeri

  25. Iraqi Turkoman 

  26. Kalahui Hawaii 

  27. Karenni State 

  28. Khmer Kampuchea Krom 

  29. Kosovo

  30. Komyk

  31. Kurdistan (Iraq)

  32. Lakota Nation 

  33. Maohi People (French Polynesia) 

  34. Mapuche 

  35. Mon People 

  36. Nagaland 

  37. Nuxalk Nation

  38. Ogoni (Nigeria) 

  39. Rusyn People 

  40. Sanjak 

  41. Sakha Republic (Yakutia) 

  42. Scania

  43. Shan State 

  44. South Moluccas, Republic of 

  45. Taiwan 

  46. Tatarstan 

  47. Tibet  

  48. Tuva 

  49. Udmurtia 

  50. West Papua 

  51. Zanzibar

    Former members of UNPO are Armenia, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, and Palau 

The UNPO Presidency met from 01 to 03 February 2007 at the European Parliament in Brussels, where it welcomed the following nations and peoples into the organisation
54. Hmong ChaoFa
55. Inner Mongolia
56. Iranian Kurdistan
57. Rehoboth Basters
58. Southern Azerbaijan
59. Tsimshian

At the last UNPO Presidency Meeting on 9 October 2009 three members were suspended who are no longer part of UNPO. These are:

  1. Buffalo River Dene Nation

  2. Komi - image nearly identical to that. Most probably an earlier image of the flag, later corrected on our site.

  3. Mari - image nearly identical to the second "incorrect flag" . Most probably an earlier image of the flag, later corrected.