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Former pennant of Ibis Flag

Jul 29, 2017

[Pennant of Ibis]         [Pennant of Ibis]

Former pennant of Ibis

Lloyd's book of house flags and funnels of the principal steamship lines of the world and the house flags of various lines of sailing vessels, published at Lloyd's Royal Exchange. London. E.C. (1912), also available online thanks to the Mystic Seaport Foundation, shows the pennant of L'Ibis, Société Coopérative, Ltd., as white with a light blue triangle based on the hoist and bearing the emblem.

A black-and-white drawing (annual report 2008, p. 1) shows the pennant of Ibis with a larger hoist triangle, extending to the pennant's centre, which bears a symbol made of entwinned elaborate letters "IBS" within a cartouche