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Frota Amazônica S.A.Flag

Aug 10, 2017

House Flag of Frota Amazônica (Brazil) 

Two related companies are Frota Amazônica S.A. and Frota Oceánica Brasileira.  Both fly flags divided vertically, with a large letter F mirroring itself in different colors.  That for Amazônica has a green and yellow field with the Fs in white and blue.  The Nuesse site shows the Amazônica flag with a muddy greenish-grayish-blue hoist half.  A check of the company website confirms that it should be green. 

House Flag of Frota Amazônica (Brazil)

Frota Amazonica S.A. became Frota Oceânica e Amazônica (FOASA) in1996 and incorporated the fleet previously shown under Frota Oceânica Brasileira S.A. Brown's Flags and Funnels 1982 and 1995 show the fly "F" as green rather than blue which may indicate original colours.