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Herfurth & Co.Flag

Jul 29, 2017

[House flag of Herfurth]

House flag of Herfurth 

    Presentation of Herfurth

    The website of the Herfurth Logistics company says that Herfurth N.V. was established in 1899 in Antwerp by Alexandre and Edouard Herfurth, while a branch of the company was opened in Rotterdam in 1905. In 1992, Herfurth Forwarding NV was formed by the merging of Herfurth & Boutmy N.V. and John P. Best & Co. N.V., the company being renamed in 2001 Herfurth Logistics NV.
    Herfurth Logistics is involved today in shipping agency, logistic activities via sea, air, road, rail and inland waterways, warehousing, container depot and travel business.

    House flag of Herfurth

    The house flag of Herfurth & Co. is shown in Lloyd's book of house flags and funnels of the principal steamship lines of the world and the house flags of various lines of sailing vessels, published at Lloyd's Royal Exchange. London. E.C. (1912), also available online thanks to the Mystic Seaport Foundation, #54, p. 39, as vertically divided black-yellow-red (the Belgian national flag) with, in the middle, a white rectangle charged with the black letters "H&Co.".