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Indian Ocean Commission - IOC Flag

Jun 26, 2017



The Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) is an intergovernmental organization that was created in 1982 at Port-Louis, Mauritius and institutionalized in 1984 by the Victoria Agreement in the Seychelles. IOC is comprised of five countries in the Indian Ocean, these are: Union of the Comoros, France/Reunion Island, Madagascar, Mauritius andSeychelles. IOC’s principal mission is to strengthen the ties of friendship between the countries and be a platform of solidarity for the entire population of the Indianoceanic region. IOC's mission also includes development, through projects related to sustainability for the region, aimed at protecting the region, improving living conditions of the populations and preserving the very natural resources that the countries depend on. IOC is the only organization in the region which is composed exclusively of Islands; it stands at defending the Islands’ mutual interest at a regional and international level, whilst promoting solidarity and sustainable development. 

The Flag

The Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) adopted a new logo and flag in December of last year. Its flag is white, with its logo, which has two variants, a French and an English one. By French Wikipedia article, new logo used since December 2012. The Logo consists of two elements — the IOC spiral symbol and the IOC name placed under it. The spiral device is blue interrupted with an orange disc. Name of the organization is written French or English, both versions are used based on these pictures: French version,  English version.