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Individual flags

Apr 01, 2017
imagenamegroupworld regionlinguistic phylumintroductionnotes
Metis Blue.svgMétis flagMétis peopleAmerica, Northmixed; Michif1814Received from Alexander Macdonnell of the North West Company in 1814 and used by theCanadian Métis resistance in the Battle of Seven Oaks (1816).[1]
Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.svgPan-Slavic colorsSlavsEurope, EasternIndo-European, Slavic1848Adopted by the Prague Slavic Congress, 1848, used as the ethnic flag of Sorbs, Moraviansand other Slavic-speaking minorities.
Flag of Acadia.svgFlag of AcadiaAcadiansAmerica, NorthIndo-European, Romance, French1884Adopted at the Second Acadian National Convention held in Miscouche, Prince Edward Island, on 15 August 1884.
Flag of the Basque Country.svgIkurriñaBasque peopleEurope, WestBasque1895Designed in 1894 for the province of Biscay, adopted in 1895 by "Euzkeldun Batzokija" (predecessor of the Basque Nationalist Party), adopted it as the flag of the Basque Autonomous Region in 1936, prohibited in Franco Spain 1938–1977, official adoption as the flag of the Basque Country in 1978.
Flag of Israel.svgFlag of ZionJewsAsia, WesternAfro-Asiatic, Semitic,Hebrew1898Introduced as the flag of Zionism at the Second Zionist Congress held in Switzerland in 1898; adopted as the state flag of Israel in 1948.
Flag of Hejaz 1917.svgFlag of the Arab RevoltArabsAsia, WesternAfro-Asiatic, Semitic,Arabic1917Introduced as the flag of the Arab nationalist revolt against the Ottoman Empire and theKingdom of Hejaz in 1917. It became the basis of a numer of flags using the Pan-Arab colors later in the 20th century.
Flag of the Crimean Tatar people.svgCrimean Tatar flagCrimean TatarsEurope, EasternTurkic,Crimean Tatar1917Introduced under the Crimean People's Republic (November 1917), now used as ethnic flag.[2]
Flag of the UNIA.svgPan-African flagBlack AfricansAfrica1920Adopted in 1920 by the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League, now used in Black nationalism and Pan-Africanism.
Flag of Swedish-speaking Finns.svgFlag of the Swedish-speaking FinnsFinland-SwedesEurope, NorthernIndo-European, Germanic, Swedish1922Used by the Swedish People's Party of Finland from 1922, based on a 1917 design.[3]
Flag of the Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia.svgFlag of Bosnian CroatsBosnian CroatsBosnia and HerzegovinaCroat1992
Used by the Bosnian Croats since 1992
Flag of Livonia.svgFlag of LivoniansLivoniansEurope, NorthernFinnic,Livonian1923Used by Livonian Society (Līvõd Īt) in 1923.
Flag of Kurdistan.svgFlag of KurdistanKurds,Kurdish irredentismAsia, WesternIndo-European, Iranian, Kurdish1927Used by the Republic of Ararat in 1927, based on earlier designs used in the 1890s revolt.
Flag of the race.svgHispanic flagHispanidad,La RazaAmericasIndo-European, Romance, Spanish1932Winning entry in a contest organized by Juana de Ibarbourou in 1932.
Flag of the Romani people.svgFlag of the Romani peopleRomani peopleEuropeIndo-European, Indo-Aryan, Romani1933Introduced by the General Union of the Roma of Romania in 1933, adopted at the First World Romani Congress in 1971.
Malay tricolour.svgMalay tricolourMalay people,MalaynessAsia, SoutheastAustronesian, Malay1946Introduced by the United Malays National Organisation (1946)
Navajo flag.svgFlag of the Navajo NationNavajo NationAmerica, NorthNa-Dené, Athabaskan1968Adopted in 1968 as the winning entry of a flag design competition; the design is partly based on the tribal seal adopted in 1952.
Flag of Biafra.svgFlag of BiafraIgbo peopleAfrica, WestNiger-Congo,Igbo1967Flag of the irredentist Republic of Biafra, after 1970 used as ethnic flag.[4]
Flag of Assyria.svgAssyrian flagAssyrian people(Syriac Christians)Asia, WesternAfro-Asiatic, Semitic, Aramaic1971A 1968 design adopted by the Assyrian Universal Alliance in 1971.
Australian Aboriginal Flag.svgAustralian Aboriginal FlagAboriginal AustraliansAustraliaAustralian1971Designed in 1971, given official recognition by the Australian authorities in 1995.
Flag of the Cherokee Nation.svgFlag of the Cherokee NationCherokee NationAmerica, NorthIroquoian1978Approved by the Tribal Council in 1978, altered in 1989 (addition of a black star).
ArameanFlag.pngAramean-Syriac flagAramaeans(Syriac Christians)Asia, WesternAfro-Asiatic, Semitic, Aramaic1980Used by the Bahro Suryoyo journal in 1980.
Sami flag.svgSami flagSami peopleEurope, NorthernFinnic, Sami1986Adopted by the 13th Nordic Sami Conference on 15 August 1986.
Tino Rangatiratanga Maori sovereignty movement flag.svgFlag of Maori irredentismMaoriOceania, New ZealandAustronesian, Maori1990Designed in 1990 and made the subject of an activist campaign until its official recognition by New Zealand authorities in 2009.
LinkTorres Strait Islander FlagTorres Strait IslandersAustraliaCreole,Torres Strait Island1992Recognised by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission in June 1992, granted official status Australia in 1995.
Berber flag.svgBerber flagBerbersAfrica, NorthAfro-Asiatic,Berber1998Adopted by the World Amazigh Congress based on 1970s proposals by the Berber Academy.
Flag of Druze.svgDruze flagDruzeLevant, West AsiaWest Asian,1860Adopted by the Druze Mental Chiefdom based on "Five Limits Star Druze Star.
Chaldean Flag.jpgChaldean FlagChaldean ChristiansAsia, WesternAfro-Asiatic, Semitic, Aramaic1999Approved by the International Chaldean Association of Professional Visual Artists and various other Chaldean organisations.[5] Designed by Amer Fatuhi.
Flag of the Hopi.pngFlag of the Hopi NationHopi peopleAmerica, NorthUto-Aztecan2002[6]
Coptic flag.svgCoptic flagCoptsAfrica, NorthAfro-Asiatic, Coptic2005This flag is not recognized by the Coptic Orthodox Church or the Coptic Catholic Churchbut is used by a New Zealand based movement called "The Free Copts" as a sign of opposition to Islamic authority in Egypt.[7]
Flag of the Turkic Council.svgFlag of Turkic peoplesTurkic peoplesAsiaTurkic2009Used by the Turkic Council since 2009.