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Intermas Flag

Jul 29, 2017

[House flag of Intermas]

House flag of Intermas 

    Presentation of Intermas

    Rederij Intermas is based in Ghent-Mariakerke. Quoting the company website (no longer online):

    Rederij Intermas, Internationale Maatschappij voor Scheepvaart, is an established business in the shipping industrie for more then half a century. The shipping company was founded in 1944 by J. Van Huffel and E. Van Daele. The fleet consisted in those days mainly of tugboats. From the start of the shipping company has a workshop for shipsrepair and motor maintenance in Ghent.
    Between 1944 and 1960 the tugboats were gradually sold and the existing cargo ships have been motorised. Those ships were mostly active in the building industry in the Netherlands and Belgium.
    In 1960 it was decided to specialize in tankers. The first newbuilt tanker had a capacity of 999 tons, which was one of the larger ships in those days. The cargo ships were gradually sold and replaced by new and rebuilt tankers.
    After a few years Rederij Intermas managed to get some long term contracts with prominent chemical companies from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.
    At this moment the fleet contains 3 modern coated N-Ships and 2 Rustfree steel C-ships.

    House flag of Intermas

    The house flag of Intermas is shown on the company website as a blue burgee with a white contoured containership over white letters INTERMAS.