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International World Peace Flag

May 28, 2017


In searching for info on my postcard, your FOTW site has the most info on this group of any that I googled!!!
Since your info did not include a pix of the a dove/globe flag, I thought you might want to add it to your site. I also included the back of the postcard which has a double verse phrase that might be interest as well.

The verses mentioned are:

The clouds of war are shifting,
The light of Love appears,
The Dove of Peace descends to Earth,
Dispelling all our fears.

Peace with the home,
Peace within the State,
Peace through our native land,
Universal Peace create.

Since I've been working on peace flags and updating those pages on FOTW lately, I figured I'd go ahead and respond to this E-mail of Rob's from April 2011. I giffed the flag of the International World Peace Association to FOTW standard, based on the scanned postcard that was sent to us three years ago.