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International Yoga Federation Flag

May 16, 2017



The International Yoga Federation is a non-profit tax-exempt organization founded in 1987, celebrates the authentic yoga teachings of all traditions, the diversity, harmony and integrity of yoga practices throughout the world. 
Its mission is to lead the global yoga community (world-wide yoga community), set standards, foster integrity, provide resources, and uphold the teachings of yoga. 
International Yoga Federation is the largest yoga organization in the world and is open to all yogis and yoga organizations. IYF supports the minimum international standards for yoga teachers from 1987.
From 1987, the emphasis has been on mutual tolerance, respect, friendship, sensitivity and support of different approaches to yoga and an equal voice for every member of the Global Yoga Community. 
It s headquartered in Fray Bentos, Rio Negro in Uruguay. 

The Flag

Its flag is orange with a lotus flower and the OM symbol above it. In Sanskrit, it represents everything in the world. Meaning unfolding or expanding, a yogi breathes life, creates life, and experiences life with OM. Three letters in Sanskrit create the symbol: aa, au, and ma. These letters represent heaven, earth, and the netherworld.