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Kennedy Hunter Flag

Jul 28, 2017


House flag of Kennedy Hunter 

In 1806, the French Charles Bréquigny established as a freight broker in Antwerp, then a French port. In 1811 he became a shipbroker and left the business to his son-in-law, Bartholomew Kennedy.
In 1869 William Kennedy, Bartholomew's son, went into partnership with John Hunter, an Englishman. Their firm represented important shipping companies such as Lamport & Holtand General Steam Navigation. On Kennedy's death in 1874, Hunter took over the firm and developed an additional activity, salvaging in the river Scheldt.

Taken over by Conti 7 in 1999, Kennedy Hunter is now specialized in tramping and port agency, with offices in Antwerp, Ghent, Zeebrugge and Brussels.

The house flag of Kennedy Hunter, is quartered white-red with the company emblem in the center.