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Lalemant Flag

Jul 31, 2017

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House flag of Lalemant, two versions 

Presentation of Lalemant

Lalemant, with head office at Ghent and local offices in various countries (including the USA and Russia), is a shipping agent, charterer (sea and inland) and logistics agent also providing trucking. The company, founded in 1885, gradually expanded, especially in the 1980s-1990s.

House flag of Lalemant

The house flag of Lalemant, as seen on the company's website, is white with two narrow green horizontal edges and in the centre the company's logo, an "L" reflected in water, in green and white followed by the company's name in green Italic letters.
There have been other renderings of the name, in a quite different font, and it seems the reflected "L" is no longer in use although some local offices still show it.
I have seen a variant with three equally wide stripes, green-white-green - with the mirrored "L" and the company's name in the middle, flying on the deck of a barge.

The pennant of Agence Maritime Lalemant, as offerred on French eBay, is a horizontally divided blue and white pennant (white uppermost); near the hoist is a red ship sailing towards the right, most of it enclosed within a thin blue circle and extending into the blue stripe (fimbriated); farther on the white stripe are the words "Agence Maritime Lalemant" in blue and on the blue stripe the single word "Antwerp" in white. "Lalemant" and "Antwerp" have the same height while the words "Agence Maritime" are smaller and in a different font, but everything is written in capital letters.