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Liaison Committee of Social Military Organisations Flag

Jun 07, 2017


The Liaison Committee of Social Military Organisations (French: Comité de Liaison International des organismes Militaires Sociaux) is an international body gathering of military social services whose objective consists in developing bi- or multilateral youth exchanges and family vacations between the Ministries of Defence of the member countries, within their cultural and social institutions. The CLIMS has been created April 22, 1975 and is being ruled by a protocol. It includes 13 countries: Germany,Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.

The Flag

Its flag is blue with its logo placed in the center of the blue field. It consists of abbreviation of its name, which is divided white over light blue. There is full French name over the abbreviation, and stars and foundation year are placed under the abbreviation.