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Main characteristics to cotton fabric

Dec 30, 2016

Cheap cotton type fabric, wide, is better, baby wear and summer fabrics for lingerie, is also popular spring and autumn coat fabrics. Main characteristics of cotton fabrics mainly for:

(1) have good hygroscopic and breathable, comfortable;

(2) soft, soft gloss, simple;

(3) the warm, good, excellent serviceability;

(4) dye is good, bright color, complete color spectrum, but good enough for colour fastness;

(5) alkaline not acid resistant, alkali treatment to round the fibres in the fabric section, so as to improve the luster of the fabric, namely role mercerizing

(6) the light is good, but long time exposure can cause fading and choices;

(7) the less elastic, easy to fold and crease is not easy to reply;

(8) pure cotton fabrics prone to mildew, deterioration, but moth resistance.