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Multinaut Flag

Jul 21, 2017


    Description of the flag

    A member of the Imperial Reederei concern, ‘Multinaut Donaulogistik GmbH’ “is the first inland waterway transportation company incorporated right after the opening of the Main-Danube-Canal. The company is situated in Vienna and works preferably with Western European independent freight capacity.” 

    We learn that in any case the firm's main interest lies with the countries traversed by the River Danube (see the clickable maps in the ‘Shipping areas’ section).
    The chartered vessels’ capacity ranges between 500-2500 tonnes, indicating Multinaut’s versatility as freight needs to be tailored according to the sizes of the various waterways.

    On the first webpage, the house flag appears within a broad white border: dark blue, bearing white initials ‘MN’ without serifs placed above two white waves, staggered, the upper one situated below the ‘M’ and the lower one beneath the ‘N’; at fly end, vertical company name “MULTINAUT” in white letters without serifs.