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NATO Parliamentary Assembly Flag

Jun 07, 2017



The NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) serves as the consultative interparliamentary organisation for the North Atlantic Alliance. Bringing together legislators from all the member states of the Atlantic Alliance, the NATO PA provides a link between NATO and the parliaments of its member nations. It provides greater transparency of NATO policies, and fosters better understanding of the Alliance's objectives and missions among legislators and citizens of the Alliance. The Assembly is institutionally separate from NATO, but serves as an essential link between NATO and the parliaments of the NATO nations.
The NATO PA consists of 257 delegates from the 28 NATO member countries. Delegates from 14 associate countries; the European Parliament; 4 regional partner and Mediterranean associate member countries; as well as parliamentary observers from 7 other countries and 3 inter-parliamentary assemblies also take part in its activities. It was founded in 1955. 

The Flag

Flag of NATO Parliamentary Assembly is white with its logo, combined the NATO star with a parliamentary hemicycle, the compass is embraced in a stylized, three-tiered chamber.