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OAS - Organization of American States Flag

Jun 14, 2017


the Flag

Here you'll find the images for the flag of the OAS (Organization of American States, Organizacion de Estados Americanos). I'm sending two versions, since the size of the OAS seal depicted on the flag is not specified on the official description I found at www.oas.org I might, in any case, redraw it, since I believe the resizing of the seal came out to be very crude and since I think I might have gotten the order of the flags wrong (they are supposedly arranged alphabetically but I am not sure if they are so in English or Spanish, since the seal at the page was very small...).

The flag of the Organization of American States was first used during the term of office of Secretary General Jose' Antonio Mora. The flag consists of the seal of the Organization, which represents the flags of all the member states on a royal blue background. The seal with the flags was first seen on the Organization's stationary in the 1920s, when Leo S. Rowe was Director General. The flag was commissioned from Annin & Co., New York, in April 1961. The color chosen for the background was royal blue: neither light nor dark blue. In the center are the flags of all the member countries arranged in an arc with 10 flagpoles at the bottom, framed by a circle. The design was updated most recently in 1991, when Belize and Guyana became members of the Organization. Each time a new state joins, its flag is incorporated. The use of the flag has been established according to tradition and practice followed over the years in the Organization.

Free Trade Area of the Americas

I looked through the Organization of American States (OAS) website and was able to find the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) website. I do agree that the FTAA looks like a reality soon. As for a FTAA flag using the OAS flag, that would make sense I think, even though it is a complicated design.