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Organization of Central American States Flag

Jun 16, 2017


The Flag

The flag of Organización de Estados Centroamericanos (ODECA) / Organization of Central American States. Image can be found in "Flaggor från hela världen" 

The flag and emblem of the Central American States Organization are according to brochures provided by the Costa Rica embassy to Mexico.

Organization of Central American States is presented in 1995 issue of l'Album. Nothing of the sort appears in Album 2000. However, the image above and that in 1995 Album are slightly different (in colouring in the emblem and level of details). Anyway, if I understood rightly this organization is no longer active and was replaced by the Parlamento Centroamericano which uses an other flag. Regarding the ODECA flag and emblem, both drawing by Juan Manuel, they also differ in colouring (especially of the ring containing the text). Is this by purpose?