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Organization of the Islamic Shipowners Association Flag

May 22, 2017


Description of the Flag

The webpage shows an emblem, or seal, consisting of a chain surrounding a symbol made up of a steering wheel, a ship and an anchor, said chain in its turn surrounded by the name of the organization in Arabic? and English. Moreover, there is an inscription (what does it say?) below the central part of the seal. OISA, the Organization of the Islamic Shipowners' Association was founded 1981 and is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Some photos in the file are very interesting, see p. 2 showing various national, house and/or association flags plus a large OISA flag. It appears to be green with a white disk bearing the emblem. The inscriptions are black as far as I can see, the central part black (upper part inside steering wheel, blue) and the chain yellow.